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Genealogy - May, 1992

Issue: May, 1992

Dear Editor,
I enjoy The Mountain Laurel, even though getting here late. I like reading about the people in the mountains. I grew up in Virginia in a little place called Lambsburg. Some of my teachers were from Woodlawn. My second grade teacher's name was Norma Thompson and she had a son named Danny. I have often wondered if they were still living. One of my high school teachers was from there. His name was Guynn Smithers. I think he later moved to Radford. If anyone knows either of them, I would appreciate them letting me know.

As the years pass and time changes, we like to go back in time to the old days.


Callie Sprinkle Burge
2426 Marble Street
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27107

[Dear Editor,]
Would like to communicate with descendants of:

Daniel and Gillie Wilson - Daniel died in 1922 and is buried in Ray's Cemetery in Pulaski.

Samuel L. Graveley and Hattie Wilson, his wife - Last known to have lived in Pulaski.

Emma Wilson Parsley - First husband was John W. French - Last known to live in Pulaski and West Virginia.

Grover and Lillie Dunford - Lived as children with grandparents in Bland County.

Daniel, Hattie and Emma were brother and sisters to my great-grandfather and Great Aunt, Cora Wilson Gray, who was married to James D, Gray and lived in Pulaski. If you have any information on these families, please contact me.

Shirley Burke
2322 S. Rogers, Est. #56
Mesa, Arizona 85202