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Genealogy - Summer, 1996

Issue: Summer, 1996

To whom it may concern:
My mother-in-law let us read The Mountain Laurel paper. I noticed the Genealogy section. My father's name is John Robert Vaughan, born 3-29-03. He married my mom 1941. There were two girls and one son by my mom.

We never knew any of my father's people. He never really talked that much. He was a quiet man. He was 6 ft. 3 in., weighed 130-140 lb., dark curly hair and a Roman nose. He was taken away from his mom as a baby. The Vaughans adopted him. He told of working in corn fields with someone over him to keep him working at 5 years old. He talked of a razor strap used on boys. I don't know if it was a working farm or a plantation.

His mother died in a sanitarium in Marion, VA because she didn't have the mind to take care of herself. Her name was Mary Twige. It happened in the early forties, I think. He married a woman named Mary and had one son, his name was Gene. He was from Fancy Gap, somewhere off the Blue Ridge Parkway. He moved to Galax, VA in the late 1930's.

I'm 52, I lost hope that I would ever know any of my father's genealogy. My father died at age 71, a very good man, as honest as the day is long.

If anyone knows of anything, from the bottom of my heart, I'd be so grateful.

Lena Smith
818 Nance Street
High Point, North Carolina 27263
or 910-431-9098

[Dear Editor,]
I would like to request information on George William White. B. 3-17-1862 D. 1-19-1939. Married Dora Ann Price from Bedford County. B. 4- 28-1884 D. 7-14-1977. They lived in the Newport area of Giles County, Virginia.

I would like to know George's parents names and where they came from. George had a brother named John and I believe he worked for the railroad. That is all the information I know.

Any information on the above would be greatly appreciated. I will correspond with those willing to correspond with me and have information. Thank you.

Betty W. Wimmer
402 Old Mill Rd.
Hardy, VA 24101

[Dear Editor,]
I am writing this for information about my paternal grandmother, Lillia or it may be Lillie Daney Bell. She was married to my paternal grandfather James David Law about 1881 or 1882. To this union was born 6 sons, two died very young, the four others were: Charles Hubbard, John Wesley, Warthie Pannil (my dad) and D. Franklin.

I would also like a picture of my paternal grandmother Lillia or Lillie Daney Bell Law. She is my namesake - Lillie Bell Law Barnard.

Lillie Daney Bell Law was the daughter of Peter Henry and Ella Cassell Bell. She was born around the year 1863. She died about the year 1898.

I would appreciate hearing from any relative or etc. about her family and especially a picture of Lillia or Lillie Daney Bell Law. Thank you.

Mrs. Lillie Belle Law Barnard
Rt. 1, Box 123
Meadows of Dan, VA 24120

[Dear Editor,]
My father was Luther Columbus Bowman, born 12 Aug., 1890 in Carroll County, VA. He was the son of Emmanuel Virgil and Mary Pierce Collier Bowman, married Nov. 1886 in Carroll County. His parents were Andrew and Mary Ann Cloud Bowman, married 30 Nov., 1847 in Surry County, NC. His parents were Samuel and Elizabeth Harrell Bowman, married 18 Aug., 1812 in Patrick County, VA. I would like to correspond with any descendants of the above families or who would like to share information. I will gladly share any data I have.

Marion Bowman
293 Bear Track Rd.
Campbellsville, KY 42718