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Genealogy - February, 1984

Issue: February, 1984

[Dear Readers,]

Mrs. Edith Sigmon whose book, “The Sigmons and Their Kin” was featured in our January issue wrote and told us that some of the names of the first Sigmons left out of the list in the January issue are: Bridges, Scott, Shivley, Sowder, Sneed, Sledd, Simms, Stout, Richards, Ross and Thornton. You may get in touch with Mrs. Sigmon at the following address.

Mrs. Edith Sigmon
Rt. 3 Box 304
Ferrum, Va. 24088

[Dear Editor,]

I would love to know the parents of the following names in the photograph of the old Meadows of Dan School in the January issue of The Mountain Laurel. James, Eugene, Mable, Hubbard, Claude, Eva and Tresa Shockley.


Mrs. Hazel Rorrer Vaughan
411 Franklin Ave.
Pulaski, Va 24301

[Dear Susan,]

Does anyone in Floyd County know a Palmer family? My great-aunt, Minnie Laura Wood married a Palmer around 1922 or 1924. No information on first name is given on marriage record. I am very interested in finding information.


Ivalien Belcher
Route 1, Box 74-A
Meadows of Dan, Va. 24120