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Genealogy - July, 1985

Issue: July, 1985

[Dear Editor,]

Fred L. Nash of Collinsville, Virginia came by a while back and brought a copy of "The Messenger of Truth" a publication of the Baptist Church printed in Laurel Fork, Virginia in 1901. It contained an obituary about his grandfather, Elder John Curtis Hall. The pages he had were incomplete and he would like to know if anyone knows anything more about this publication and if it is possible to get more of the missing pages.

Anyone with more information may write to:

Fred L. Nash
302 Murphy Rd.
Collinsville, VA 24078

Dear Readers,

For those of you who have Irish ancestors and are interested in tracing your family tree, there is something coming up that might be of interest to you.

On Friday, July 19 and Saturday, July 20 [1985] the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace in Staunton, Virginia is holding an Ulster Heritage Festival. Persons whose ancestors came from Northern Ireland and who are interested in learning more about the country and about how to do family history-research about. Irish ancestors will want to attend.

For more information about the festival and to register, please write Director, Woodrow Wilson Birthplace, P.O. Box 24, Staunton, VA 24401 or phone (703) 885-0897.

Dr. Brian Trainor, Director of the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, and George Thompson, O.B.E., Director of the Ulster Folk and Transportation Museum, will both give slide talks about Ireland and emigrants from there to America. Dr. Trainor will conduct a workshop on family research for Irish ancestors.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

[Dear Editor,]

My Aunt, Hannah Dillard, raised a boy by the name of Nelson Puckett. He stayed in the military service many years until he retired. He married a girl from Asheville, NC. They lived in Knobnoster, MO. (I don't know if that is spelled right or not.) They had two girls and one boy. One girl's name is Neda. I don't know other kids names. His wife's name is Lee.

Nelson died about 16 years ago and he is buried in Asheville, N.C. I would like to get in contact with his family and would appreciate any information on them.


Ruby M. Boyd
General Delivery
Vesta, VA 24177

[Dear Editor,]

Need information regarding Dorcas Rakes daughter of Charles Rakes who married Richard R. Winfree (Winfrey) in Franklin Co. June 6, 1812. I do not know how many children this couple had, Richard died in 1842 in Franklin Co. I found Dorcas Rackes Winfrey in Patrick Co. married James Brammer Sr. Sept 15, 1843 at about the same time I found her son Burwell Winfrey married Orina Hutson and several of the Hutson sisters all married about the same time.

The Mercer County (now WV) census shows Dorcas Winfrey as head of the house and Burwell Winfrey her son living in WV with 5 children. The other people who married at the same time in VA also on Mercer census 1850. However I do not find Dorcas Winfrey mother of Burwell Winfrey on the WV 1860 census or the other people. However Burwell lived in WV had 13 children and is buried here.

Can anyone advise anything at all about this woman? If there is an ancestor of anyone who knows of this family, I will appreciate hearing from you. Burwell Winfrey named several of his children the names of relatives in VA, however, I can't find anything about Dorcas the mother.

Also can anyone in the reading area of The Mountain Laurel help me with anyone ever being in any area in Southwest VA named Booten, Booton and/or Bateman. Jesse Bateman was in Montgomery County and is supposed to have married Martha Holmes (I cannot prove). He had several children and died in Pulaski County in 1851. I am advised that there were many Batemans in Patrick County. I would like any info. on either name.

Malita W. Murphy
Box 319, Athens Star Route
Princeton, WV 24740

[Dear Editor,]

Would like to know if anyone can tell me about kin folks of William Jackson Rakes, called Bill, buried April 17, 1847 in Franklin Co. near Long Branch. His wife was Nancy Rakes. Sons: Robert Lee, William H. and Oliver Taylor Rakes. Would be very grateful if someone could tell me about any relatives.

Thank you,

Harley & Yvonne Rakes
903 10th Ave.
Neb. City, Nebraska 68410