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Genealogy - October, 1985

Issue: October, 1985

[Dear Editor,]

I am seeking information on my family genealogy (Bowman & Chappel family lines). My paternal grandfather was E.V. Bowman of Carroll Co., Va. and my maternal grandfather was M.C. (Lum) Chappel of Yadkin, Ashe and Watauga Counties in N.C. I would love to hear from anyone having any information regarding my family.

M.V. Bowman
3073 Kenneth Street
Memphis, TN 38128

[Dear Editor,]

Bowman, Joel C. born 7 Oct. 1832, died 2 April 1902. Married Ammie E. Marshall (1828-1884) in Carroll Co., 19 Oct. 1853. Joel's mother was Margaret Bowman (maiden name?). Who was his father? Could it have been Tyre Bowman? Joel's sister, Sarah M. Hamilton Marshall, 1845. Another sister, Margaret, born c1834. Would like to exchange with anyone searching this family.

Carolyn Banks Coyle
1220 S. Carpenter Rd.
Titusville, FL 32796

[Dear Editor,]

My ancestors (the Bowmans) came from around Laurel Fork, Va. Elisha Bowman, born 1827, married Sarah Jackson, daughter of William Jackson in 1843. Charlie F. Bowman, a son of Elisha, was born Dec. 24, 1852 in Carroll Co., Va. Elisha was a miller and moved frequently. The family moved to Surry & Yadkin Co., N.C. where Charlie married Eliza Lineberry, Feb. 4, 1876. They were my great-grandparents. I would appreciate any information on the parentage of Elisha Bowman (born 1827, died sometime after 1874) and/or would like to contact other Bowman descendents in the Laurel Fork area.

Francis H. Casstevens
Rt. 1, Box 99
Yadkinville, N.C. 27055

[Dear Editor,]

I am helping compile a family history and we have few leads so far. Our ancestors showed up in N.C. long ago but few records were kept. We have learned that some probably trekked south from Penn. Perhaps some settled in VA. The following names are relatives we know of and we hope to trace these back. If anyone could help us we will be most grateful. My paternal g-parents were Henry Bumgarner & Timmie Webster. Maternal were Thomas Lawrence King & Dora Gibson. Father of Dora is Jason Columbus (Lum) Gibson. Her mother was Belzora Stiles. My g-g-grandfather on the Gibson side was John Gibson. He was married to Elmina Messer. My g-g-g-grandfather was Jack Messer, father of Elmina. My g-g-g-grandfather Stiles was Thomas Stiles (Belzora's father) That g-g-g-grandmother was Amanda Jones. The following were ancestors of Thomas L. King. His father was Harley King, mother was Mattie Redmond. Now to my father's relatives Henry Bumgarner's sister was Texie Bumgarner Gibson as she married Coal Gibson, a brother to Jason Columbus Gibson. Texie's daughter, Maude married Fred Hughes. Henry's father was Fidelle Bumgarner. Henry's daughter, Ruth married Larry Graceson. We lost touch but know they live in Charlotte, N.C.

Shelba Krambeck
3805 138th St. N.W.
Marysville, WA 98270