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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Post Offices of the Blue Ridge

By Addie J. Wood © 1986

Issue: January, 1986

I wrote to Washington, D.C. and got a letter back from Rita L. Moroney, Research Administrator, Historian. She said that she could not locate any information on mail delivery from Hillsville to Stuart, Virginia before the 1850's.

She went on to say there was a Post Route Office by Wilt's Spur, Meadows of Dan, Laurel Fork and Gladesboro to Hillsboro. Mail was probably carried along that route by mail wagon or stage coach.

Wilt's Spur road is now State Road 613, going by Bell Spur in Patrick County.

When the Meadows of Dan Post Office was established Sept. 17, 1851, James Reynolds was the first Postmaster. The Post Office was kept in his home. He lived near Round Meadow Creek.

The second Postmaster was Joseph Robertson, from July 7, 1857 til Oct. 30, 1857. It was in a store across the road from the Judge Shelor place, now owned by P.L. Shelor heirs.

The next Postmasters were: Silas C. Dobson, Oct 30, 1857; Greene Scott, Dec. 21, 1858, William W. Moir, Aug. 8, 1860. (He ran the store.) Then, Abraham Stein, June 10, 1867-Aug. 13, 1867. Nancy Webb til Nov. 3 1868. She lived on state road 614. P.C. Reynolds, Nov. 3, 1868. I have a form from Washington, D.C. where P.C. Reynolds signed March 20, 1870 saying the Dan River was the most prominent river near the Post Office and the nearest creek was Maple Swamp, 50 yards north. Maple Swamp ran into Round Meadow Creek just above the big concrete bridge on the Parkway.

At that time, P.C. Reynolds lived on the Dan River on state road 632 (the River Road), so he moved the Post Office from 614 over there.

When the Danville and Wytheville Turnpike was built through here to Hillsville, P.C. Reynolds moved over on it near where the Post Office has been ever since. The old Reynolds home place was on state road 795.

The next Postmasters; Ballard P. Hylton, April 15, 1872; Daniel S. Scott, July 11, 1884; Wilson T. Lawson, Sept. 19, 1884; Jesse D. Blackard, May 22, 1885; Harriet M. Spangler, June 3, 1887; John C. Shockley, Oct. 9, 1891; Jesse D. Blackard, June 22, 1894. The Post Office was in a store at that time just up on the Turnpike from where it stands now.

Charles D. DeHart, June 10, 1902 til Aug. 3, 1923. Elroy Shelor, til May 15, 1929, then Marcus H. Shelor. Successors appointed after 1929: Babe Cockram, Ruth Underwood, Claude Reynolds. Willie Wood and presently, Betty Lou Banks.

In 1886, Frank P. Spangler asked for a Post Office to be put back where the original Meadows of Dan Post Office had been moved from (state road 614). When permission came from Washington, it was to be called Tobax, established April 15, 1886. Postmasters: Frank P. Spangler, until June 2, 1888; Susan J. Webb, June 2, 1888; Elizabeth Cock, May 4, 1900. It was discontinued June 15, 1907.

Mayberry Creek Post Office was established Oct. 4, 1872. The first Postmaster was Jehu Barnard, then Charles L. Barnard, Feb. 24, 1880, Simon P. Scott. April 17, 1883, Samuel C. Scott, Sept. 5, 1895. The name was shortened to Mayberry on Sept. 5, 1895.

Charles W. Howell, Jan 21, 1910; William L. Boyd, March 18, 1914; Samuel C. Scott, March 10, 1919. Mayberry Post Office was discontinued on Oct. 14, 1922 and moved to Meadows of Dan.

The Cruise, Va. Post Office was established Feb 16, 1881. William W. Lee was Postmaster until March 16, 1909. It was discontinued on Oct. 31, 1913. It was located on Little Ivy Creek and the mail sent to Vesta, Virginia, established April 25, 1890.

The reason stated for a need for a Post Office there was that there was a high school at this place, at this time, of over 100 pupils.

The Ballard Post Office was established Dec. 2, 1886. The first Postmaster was Ballard L. Hylton. He served until May 29, 1902. Then Edward J. Hylton ran it. It was located just below Mountain View School on state road 764.

The Post Office of Monday, VA, just across the county line in Floyd County was established Oct. 26, 1887. It was located near the Brethren Church now called Parkway View. Postmasters: Lemuel J. DeHart, Oct 26, 1887; John T. Agee, May 19, 1888; William B. DeHart, Jan. 7, 1890; Charles D. DeHart, Jan. 7, 1892; Daniel S. Scott, Nov. 18, 1893; Winfield Scott, June 5, 1900. It was discontinued June 20, 1904 and was last kept in the Scott home just above Mabry Mill.

Quoit Post Office, Floyd County was established March 31, 1890. Postmasters: Costby L. Puckett Jr.; George W. Cox, Dec. 29, 1893; Elijah Nester, Oct. 22, 1903. It was discontinued Nov. 13, 1913 and was located on Laurel Fork Creek near Newton Hylton's place.

Pinnacles Post Office, Patrick County was established March 31, 1891. Charles Brady was the first Postmaster. Then John C. Stanley, Sept. 21, 1891. It was discontinued Nov. 22, 1894 and the mail sent to Rorrer Post Office. Pinnacles was located further out state road 614.

Rorrer Post Office, Carroll County, Virginia was established June 17, 1886. Postmasters were: Charles F. Rorrer, Samuel M. Stanley, March 14, 1896; Charles F. Rorrer, March 6, 1900. It was discontinued on Dec. 31, 1904 and was located on road 610 near Reed Island Spring Church.