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Mountain Memories

Mountain Memories features the stories of hundreds of Blue Ridge and Appalachian old timers. Their stories offer a glimpse of the mountains of yesteryear. Many of the stories were written by people over the age of sixty and some by people over the age of ninety. The Mountain Memories section of The Mountain Laurel offers a link to a bygone era and a way of life that was unique to the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains of the early twentieth century.

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Title Created Date Author
Not To Be Sneezed At February, 1986 Written by Lucille Jarrell
Olden Golden Rule Days - Part 6 of 6 February, 1986 Written by Virginia Webb Mitchell
Strasburg Virginia's First Pharmacist - A Personal Reminiscence February, 1986 Written by Bender B. Kneisley
Strictly Taboo February, 1986 Written by John Winfield Spangler
Reminiscence Of Bygone Days March, 1986 Written by Elma S. Menetre
Mr. Ben Boone March, 1986 Written by Lois S. Poff
Miz Sarah - 1863-1949 March, 1986 Written by Ivalien Hylton Belcher
John Hayes Hollow - Locust Sprouts March, 1986 Written by Hazel P. Hedrick
Heartaches March, 1986 Written by Vadna L. Bush
Growing Up On Tuggles Creek - Fodder Stacking March, 1986 Written by YKW
Amazing Uncle Jim March, 1986 Written by Sandra Redding
A Remembrance Of Patrick County March, 1986 Written by Jack W. Gilbert
An Early Choice April, 1986 Written by John Hassell Yeatts
Life In A Mining Camp April, 1986 Written by Margaret G. Murray
Mr. Fred Clifton April, 1986 Written by Ivalien Hylton Belcher
My Life At Woolwine, Virginia April, 1986 Written by Nancy B. Collins
The John Hayes Hollow - Hand-Me-Down Clothes and Half-Soled Shoes April, 1986 Written by Hazel P. Hedrick
Corn Cobs May, 1986 Written by Laverne Sutton
Echoes From The Mills May, 1986 Written by Nell C. Thompson
Mama Long May, 1986 Written by Rhonda M. Goodin
The Blessed Event May, 1986 Written by Nancy Cornette Kessler
The Old Country Store May, 1986 Written by William P. Swartz, Jr.
The Spelling Match May, 1986 Written by John Hassell Yeatts
Called To Work By The Bell June, 1986 Written by Jackie R. Sharp
Growing Up In The Mountains June, 1986 Written by Nancy B. Collins
Home In Time For Planting June, 1986 Written by John Hassell Yeatts
White Steamer Junior June, 1986 Written by Kathleen S. Gordon
Bandanna In A Peach Tree July, 1986 Written by Beulah S. Fox
James Reid Cole - A Voice from the Past July, 1986 Written by James Reid Cole
Mountain Memories - Claude Rufus Cruise July, 1986 Written by Imogene Turman