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Heart of the Blue Ridge

A Saturday Night Scare

By Beulah Goad Richardson © 1989

Issue: February, 1989

Ornie, my brother, wanted to play a joke on Elgia, our brother, and Cora, our sister, so we went where Elgia was cutting stove wood and Cora was carrying it in.

Ornie and I went over the hill like we were going to A. D. Vaughn's house but instead we hid in some laurel bushes and piled up a bunch of dry leaves and waited for them to come along.

After awhile we heard them coming, they were just talking and when they got a little bit closer to us, Ornie and I made a noise in the dry leaves and they took off running.

They ran into the apple orchard and then Elgia stopped and told Cora, "That ain't nobody, but Ornie and Beulah."

In the meantime, Ornie and I got out and were standing on top of the hill when Elgia shined his light on us. We went down and told them it was us and we all had a big laugh out of it.