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Recipe For A Mountain Mother

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1987

Issue: May, 1987

Take a generous portion of love and add equal parts of honesty, hope, wisdom and integrity. Mix in a fierce loyalty that can never be shaken. Add more trust than deserved. Blend in strictness as needed, sweetening with the best sense of humor available anywhere. Add hugs, kisses and smiles to your satisfaction.

Be careful. If you stir up Mountain Mothers too much, anger results. If it does, just let Mountain Mother cool for 2 hours and approach again with more care. (You might also wish to add another measure of humor at this point.)

Top with faith, determination and ingenuity and you have one first rate Mountain Mother. As measurements of ingredients are not exact, no two turn out quite the same. And remember, the end result is also affected by the warmth of her children.

Do not wait for Mothers Day to sample this recipe. It is one that improves with age and attention. Add affection daily.