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Mother's Day

By Susan M. Thigpen © 1991

Issue: May, 1991

The stories in this month's issue explore the many different aspects of motherhood. Many of us have the advantage of looking at motherhood from both the viewpoint of being a mother and a child, but it still doesn't help understand the complexities involved in the relationship. A mother is the person you are the closest to in the world and yet still remain at a distance. A mother is probably the only person in the world that loves you enough to let you go your own way.

Yes, a mother's love is very special. She is a person that will share your wildest joy and your deepest despair with open arms. I have read that home is where, if you go there, they have to take you in. A mother is the person who stands at that door with open arms.

This Mother's Day, we will all remember our mother. Some will be lucky enough to be with their mothers; some will be able to go home in memories only. Whether she was called Mom, Mama, Mommy or Ma, every one of us will have thoughts of that very special person.