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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Grandma Edith Kimble

By Julia Montgomery Bowman © 1985

Issue: May, 1985

grandma edith kimbleGrandma Edith KimbleMy grandma Edith Kimble lived at the foot of [the] Blue Ridge Mountains on the road leading to Bell Spur [in Patrick County, Virginia]. My mother and I would visit her, but of course, I can only remember her when she was old, wearing a black dress and white cap on her head.

If we stayed overnight, she would tell her granddaughter to fry me a goose egg. The granddaughter was her cook and helper. I don't remember, but I doubt if I could eat all of the big egg. After breakfast, I would go outside with the little girl, Essa Mae and the geese would run after us.

When we went to Grandma's, we had to walk up and down the mountain. It must have been about four or five miles. That was about 1904.