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In Memory Of My Mother

By Irene Cassade © 1985

Issue: May, 1985

My mother, Lucy Ann Stanley Taylor was born in Patrick County, Virginia, not far from Bell Spur Church. She was one of eight children and her father, John Stanley, was sheriff of Patrick County.

One day she and her sister went shopping in Mount Airy, N.C. They went to Mrs. Sparger's, boarding house for lunch. There she met this good looking young fellow named Thomas Taylor. He had black hair and black eyes and also a beautiful black mustache. He fell for her and after three dates, they married.

Now that is where I come in. I was born after a year. Every year, we always went to visit Grandma. They had a big farm with chickens, cows, sheep, horses and of course, the little ducks who swam in the branch. Grandma lived to be 93, but they are all gone now. My Aunt Stanley lives in the home place. I go back up there every chance I get.