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Heart of the Blue Ridge

The Snow Board

By Ninevah J. Willis © 1987

Issue: February, 1987

On a worn out board, down a hill of crusted snow,
At recess, we children caromed to the valley below.

The "big boys" were brave and became very inventive,
The "shy girls" rode with very little incentive

Except to sit close to the school's handsomest beaux,
As they dangerously lurched and slid over the snow.

The board became polished, as faster they flew,
Each tried the other fellow's capers to out do.

Sometimes in their eagerness they misjudged their skill
And landed in the creek at the foot of the hill.

Such laughing and screaming you never heard the like,
As the cold water reached its mark   boys and girls alike

Quickly scampered up the hill, in a big hurry to dry
By the warm pot bellied stove, as the teacher stood by.

Now   seventy years later, someone invented an expensive toy
It is called a SNOW BOARD, and it's supposed to bring great joy.

It is made of fiberglass and it is polished to a "tee"
But it can't beat our old worn out plank, No sir ee!

The very first snowfall fills my heart with glee,
And it brings back to my mind a merry memory

Of the fun we children had on the school house hill
When we all took a tumble like Jack and Jill.