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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Grandma's Quilt

By Lyn Aydelette © 1988

Issue: October, 1988

Grandma's quilt tickles my cheek
Over its tidy edge I peak –
Mother brings hot tea and toast
With the red jell I love the most,
I'm sick with the flu and I see
Old clothes made new – covering me.

Here's a piece that came from my blue dress
The one I said once was my best –
Here's some pieces cut so small
Of a blouse I wore way last fall,
And Mother's favorite Sunday dress
With the purple violets she hoped were blest,

And that shirt my Father refused to wear
Looks so sturdy sewn in here,
Here's Grandma's apron – I can tell
Though it's missing the cookie smell!
I'm tucked in warm – just like a glove –
Grandma's quilt is full of love!