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Heart of the Blue Ridge

Moving Down The Row

By Diana J. Felts © 1988

Issue: November, 1988

When it's summer in the country
Corn goes stalking through the fields.
Crops are almost ripe to harvest
Weatherman says record yields.

See the patient mule in harness
Pulling hard against the plow;
Kinfolks say it has been hotter
but it's plenty hot right now!

Grandma's moving in the kitchen.
Clink and thump says dinner's on.
"Martha, ring the bell for Grandpa
So he'll get the last row done!"

As he's washin' she'll be dishin'
In a cloud of fragrant steam.
They've been hitched so long together
That they make a dandy team.

They've had spats and disagreements
But the two old farm folks know
That you have to pull together
When you're movin' down the row.