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Quaint Questions - A Riddle Poem

By Virginia L. Kroll © 1989

Issue: October, 1989

Do Shooting-stars fall from the sky
And Blue-flags wave from poles on high?

Do Stars-of-Bethlehem shine so bright
And Angel Trumpets blare on Christmas night?

Do Mouse-ears rodent's heads adorn?
Does a certain buck sport Antelope-horn?

Are Dutchman's-breeches in closets hung?
Does Bee-balm ease you when you're stung?

Would you open your fridge to find Butter-and-eggs?
Are Lady's-slippers on someone's legs?

Are Painted-cups on your cupboard shelves?
Are Fairy-slippers made by elves?

Is Four-o'-clock the current time?
Do you know how to solve this rhyme?

Just wander out in Springtime hours
And meet these lovely meadow flowers.

Riddle answer: Shooting-stars, Blue-flags, Stars-of-Bethlehem, Angel Trumpets, Mouse-ears, Antelope-horn, Dutchman's-breeches, Bee-balm, Butter-and-eggs, Lady's-slippers, Painted-cups, Fairy-slippers, and Four-o'-clocks are all names of wildflowers.