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The Mail Box - February, 1992

Issue: February, 1992

Dear Readers,
We heard some good news about one of the contributors to The Mountain Laurel. C. David Hay has sent poetry to us through the years. The last one of his poems we published was in the December issue. We have heard that a free press paper from Russia picked up on some of his work and wrote to get his permission to print it in Russia. Congratulations!

C. David Hay is a dentist who lives in Rosedale, Indiana and has contributed poetry to The Mountain Laurel for several years.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I just want to say we really appreciate all you do and a thank you to yourselves and the people who write these wonderful stories.

God Bless All,

B.E. Wall
Columbia, California

Dear Readers,
We (Bob, Charlotte and I) would like to take this time to thank all the nice people who have contributed their wonderful stories to The Mountain Laurel. A memory preserved and shared will live forever.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

Ms. Thigpen,
We enjoy The Mountain Laurel so very much since we were born over in Carroll County and lived in Wythe County until 1944. We are familiar with many of the things you write about and it brings back fond memories of Virginia and our many friends there.

Please send a subscription to my favorite Aunt and Uncle and inform me of when my subscription expires. I don't want to miss a single copy.

Mrs. F. Goodson
Cheney, Washington

Dear Bob, Charlotte and Susan,
Enclosed you will find my renewal for one year. My subscription is good until March, but I don't want to miss a single issue. I've recently undergone three major surgeries and can't do anything very much. I love The Mountain Laurel so much, after receiving it since 1983 or 1984. I still look for it to arrive in my mailbox eagerly. Keep up the good work and may God bless all.

H.J. Johnson
Ashboro, North Carolina

Dear Mt. Laurel,
I always enjoy reading The Mountain Laurel. It is a very good and interesting paper. It is just like a letter from my home town. I can identify with so many things in your great paper. Keep up the good work.

I live in Winchester, Virginia but I grew up in Green Cove, Virginia. Green Cove is near the foot of White Top Mountain in Southwestern Virginia. There were four mountains surrounding the house I grew up in. The names of the mountains are White Top, Mount Rogers, Pond and Chestnut.

I remember the winter that we had in 1959 when I was 12 years old. We had a snow storm and we had so much snow that people couldn't get out to get groceries and things. So they had people to use helicopters to drop feed, medicines, wood, coal, hay, etc. to the people. The snow was drifted so high and there was so much of it that there was still snow on the ground the Fourth of July that year.

B.J. Luther
Winchester, Virginia

Dear Readers,
The great snows of the winter of 1959-60 were indeed a sight to see. The snow was so high that people had to tunnel out of upstairs windows in some places.

As nearly as I can remember, it snowed every Wednesday for over a month. I was dating then and had a new boyfriend before it started snowing. He called to tell me that he had bought me a big box of Valentine candy, but it snowed and he couldn't come see me. The same thing happened the next weekend and again the next. By the time the snow slowed down enough to get roads scraped, he had lost interest and I never saw him again. I never did find out what happened to my box of Valentine candy or who got to eat it!

Susan Thigpen, Editor