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The Mail Box - July-August-September, 1992

Issue: July-August-September, 1992

Dear Mountain Laurel,
My deep appreciation to you the Editor for answering my note. You have my sincere sympathy and best wishes for a complete recovery to good health. I too have had several physical problems in the last six months.

I thought perhaps my subscription had run out, that was my reason for writing, because I am from Colorado - married 44 years to a Southern gentleman from around Greensboro, NC. He has family living in Virginia. After visiting off and on there through the years, I love that country around the Blue Ridge Parkway and the friendly people. Women who really cook from scratch and men who will help do anything to help anyone.

I so enjoy your grand efforts of printing the paper. I again thank you for taking time to write. Good luck. Happy holidays, and may all three of you have good health and enjoy some happiness this next year. I so enjoy the "Laurel!"

Mrs. J. Gann
Fort Worth, Texas

Dear Mountain Laurel,
I have been subscribing to The Mountain laurel for nearly ten years. I have enjoyed every one of the papers, especially enjoyed story about how the mountain people came to Danville, Virginia to work in Dan River Mills. I lost my copy of this issue. Could you please reprint this story? I am now retired from Dan River Mills after 43 years employment.

I enjoy your stories of the early years in Virginia and how it was settled. Looking forward to more of your interesting stories about the people of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Mrs. J. D. McKinney
Danville, Virginia

Dear Mrs. McKinney,
The story you referred to was an excerpt from the book, "Echoes From The Mills," written by Nell Collins Thompson. We printed an excerpt in 1986. At that time you could get copies of the book at the Danville Museum. Mrs. Thompson's address at that time was PO Box 91, Danville, Virginia 24083 if you would like to write her to see if the book is still available.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

Dear Editor,
I am seeking information on the parents of my Grandmother, Sarah Alice Bowe Thomasson. She was the wife of Newsom Bell Thomasson who was born in the Leatherwood Community.

We have been told down through the years her parents were James and Keturah Bowe.

I have been told Keturah was an Indian Princess. I'm 74 years of age, and am anxious to have verification on this matter for myself, and my children.

Can someone please help me? I will be glad to reimburse anyone for their expenses and share information I have on the Thomasson family.

We have been subscribers of The Mountain Laurel for several years, and wouldn't ever want to not have it in our home.

Thank you for letting me use the Genealogy Department and am awaiting the replies I'm sure to get.

Ralph L. Thomasson, Sr.
Route 6, Box 1152
Danville, Virginia 24541

Dear Readers,
The Genealogy section of The Mountain Laurel is offered on a first come, first served, space available basis. Through the years we have heard from many readers who have been pleased to find not only information about their ancestors through this column, but living relatives they didn't know existed.

It really pleases us to know when you have success in using this column.

Susan Thigpen, Editor

The HERITAGE OF WISE COUNTY AND THE CITY OF NORTON book committee is making an effort to reach every resident, former resident, and all families with roots in Wise County, to ask them to submit their family history to be published in 1993. Stories of 500 words and one picture will be printed FREE for each household. Also, if your ancestors were in Wise County by or before 1900, you may submit a free 500-word story and picture. Our book will also contain stories of all towns and communities in the county and their beginnings, churches, schools, clubs, businesses, tributes and memorials. Deadline for submitting articles for the book is September 30, 1992.

You may also order a copy of the book now at the pre-published price of $41.50, if picked up in Wise (includes VA tax), or $45.00 shipped to your address (includes $3.50 postage and handling and tax). Send histories and orders to: Wise County Heritage Book Committee, PO Box 368, Wise, VA 24293. For further information concerning the book, you may call Dorothy Witt, Chairman, at (703) 328-9768.