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The Mail Box - August, 1985

Issue: August, 1985

Dear Editor,

The paper was a gift to me. A friend of mine subscribed 1 year for me. So now I would like to get a 1 year subscription for my brother. I know he and his wife both will enjoy it as much as I do.

Thank you very much,

R.A. Stout
War, W VA

Dear Friend,

Mine and my husbands roots are in these mountains. My family came from Avery Co. (Crossnore, [NC]) and my husband's from Swain Co. (Smokemont) so your paper is of very special, special interest to us and we love it more than words can say. Thanks so much.

My ancestors were Aldridge's, Burleson's and Hughes'. My husband's were Treadway's, Ball's, Lamburt's and more. We hope to see interesting information, maybe about our own in your Genealogy column in the future. My grandpa Hughes worked all the mica mines around Linville and in Avery Co.

Thanks again. Very Sincerely,

Mrs. K. Treadway
Greensboro, NC

Dear Editor,

Just a few lines in regards to your wonderful paper. I picked up my 1st issue at Hillsville [VA] in March 1983 and I've been getting one here and there once in a while since. But I've missed several issues. So please send me a 12 month subscription so I won't miss a single copy.

I really enjoy your paper. I can't hardly lay it down until I finish it.


E.L. Goodson
Danville, VA

Dear Sir,

We came through your state while on a sightseeing trip. I bought one of your papers. I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to order a one year subscription. Would like to say I enjoyed everything in it. Hope to be back in your part of the country again before long.

Thank you,

Mrs. T.I. Black
Earlsboro, OK

Editor and Staff,

Enclosed is my subscription to your very interesting paper.

Mr. C.D. Eames, Ferrum, VA sent me some 1984 copies, and I read them from front to back. I am 67 years old, born and raised on Mill Creek Mountain, in the foothills of the Ozarks. For this reason, I can relate to the articles and stories about life in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

As you can see by my name, I am especially interested in Floyd County. My grandfather always told me that four Floyd brothers came from England and settled in Virginia. This was in Colonial times. Later my branch of the family moved to South Carolina. My great-grandfather, George Floyd (1822-1902) was born near Spartanburg, SC, moved to Calhoun, Georgia, then to Arkansas, with his large family, in 1871.

I would appreciate any articles and history on Floyd County. Also any information on present members of the Floyd family, if any remain in the area.


D.H. Floyd
Lavaca, AR

Dear Mountain Laurel,

We just love your paper [and] will always take it. Can't hardly wait for it to come. [I] had it sent to three of my children.

Yours truly,

Mrs. M. Smith
High Point, NC

Dear Sir,

While at the Craft Shop at Meadows of Dan, we bought the June issue of "The Mountain Laurel" and enjoyed reading about the people and country of Virginia.

We wish to subscribe to your paper. The item on "Backroads" is of special interest to us as we enjoy traveling off the "beaten path".


Mrs. J.A. Fife
Avondale Est., GA

Dear Readers,

If you are sending us a change of address of any other type of correspondence about your subscription, it would help us out immensely if you would send the code letters and numbers above your name that is printed on the label.

We appreciate your help and will try to give you the very best service.

Thank you,

Charlotte Heafner
Circulation Manager