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The Mail Box - October, 1985

Issue: October, 1985

Dear Mountain Laurel:

This paper is the next best thing to living in the Blue Ridge mountains. Keep it coming.

T. Landrum
Kokomo, Indiana

Dear Sirs:

Please send me two copies of the "Backroad Tours." I am sending a check for $5.50.

I saw your paper, The Mountain Laurel, this month for the first time and enjoyed it very much. I had also read "The Man Who Moved a Mountain" so that made the tour more interesting. It is a great book and I recommend it to everyone young and old.


M. Long
Lenoir, NC

Dear Publishers,

Enclosed is our subscription for your fantastic paper. We visit your area during our vacation and enjoy reading so much about it. Keep up the great work. You really have an enjoyable newspaper

Mr. & Mrs. R. Rearick
Rural Valley, PA

Dear Sir:

Your paper is such a joy to read. We are looking forward to having it come every month.

We are new to N.C. and love to read of past & future events.

Thank You,

Mrs. K. Scribner
Yadkinville, NC

Dear Mountain Laurel:

Thank you for a most informative and entertaining magazine. We tend to forget the past, and it is people like you, who keep it alive.

I especially enjoy Elizabeth's journal.

Enclosed find my check for 3 years of Mountain Laurel. Keep up the good work.


D.L. Mooney
Oak Hill, W VA

Dear Publishers:

My husband and I are retired and enjoy taking one day trips especially into the Blue Ridge area.

On such a trip, after reading Tom Sieg's article in the Winston-Salem Journal, we stopped at the Mayberry Trading Post. Miss Addie Wood was there and during our pleasant conversation she asked me if I had read The Mountain Laurel paper. Strangely, I had not and she was very surprised at my ignorance. I purchased a copy from her and after reading it I could hardly wait to subscribe.

My first copy has arrived and we can hardly wait to make some of the "Backroad Tours" you have mentioned. Enclosed is a check for $2.75 for which please send me the special collection of "Backroad Tours" which have appeared in the first 18 issues of The Mountain Laurel.

Thank you for furnishing me such delightful entertainment as I enjoy in reading The Mountain Laurel.

I love the mountains!


Mrs. R.J. Knott
Winston-Salem, NC