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Mountain Stories

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The Happenstance Kingdom April, 1991 Written by Marijane G. Ricketts
Bo-Peep, The Lamb May, 1991 Written by Lois S. Poff
Finding the Gate May, 1991 Written by Bob Sloan
Here Comes Maw, Peter-Pie Paw May, 1991 Written by Martha Cockrell Robinson
Here For A Purpose May, 1991 Written by Jess Wilbanks
Surviving Mother's Day May, 1991 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Grandpa vs The Hobo June, 1991 Written by Jennifer Perkins
Jest Rider On In Home June, 1991 Written by Samuel E. Tanner
Scratch, The Peddler June, 1991 Written by Sandra Drake Scott
Granny Mildred's Funeral July, 1991 Written by M. Kay Miller
My First Skunk July, 1991 Written by J. Carlton Smith
Old Dog Memories September, 1991 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
Native Critter October, 1991 Written by John Winfield Spangler
In The Click Of A Nikon November, 1991 Written by Laverne Lester
Mountain Chuckle - First Day Of School November, 1991 Written by Susan M. Thigpen
A Visit From Oscar January, 1992 Written by Anita Louise McCormick
The Old Pine Tree January, 1992 Written by Ralph Coleman
Possum Stories February, 1992 Written by Dan East
Salesman Par Excellence February, 1992 Written by R. C. Loyd, Jr.
A Can Of Salmon March, 1992 Written by J. Carlton Smith
A Family Goes Home March, 1992 Written by Geneva Overby
Opossum Hunting March, 1992 Written by Addie J. Wood
Possum Intruder March, 1992 Written by Priscilla M. Hall
The Master Carpenter April, 1992 Written by John C. Ewing
Well Digging April, 1992 Written by R. C. Loyd, Jr.
Some Mines Contain More Than Ore May, 1992 Written by Raymond N. Montgomery
Waiting For The Mail May, 1992 Written by Doris Wood
Blackberry Picking June, 1992 Written by Mary A. Summerline
Tomboy Taylor June, 1992 Written by Martha Cockrell Robinson
A Narrow Escape On White Top Mountain July, 1992 Written by Boyd S. Ray

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